Class of 2026 begin their journey at Alcorn State University

Word travels of the excellent experience that Alcorn State University provides its students. Word of mouth, digital ads, and appealing media coverage garner significant attention, captivating a new generation of Alcornites.

This is true for Michael De Angelis Jr., a Plainview, New York native, who's starting his freshman year at the University. A former baseball teammate of De Angelis told him about the University. Their talk convinced De Angelis that Alcorn was the school for him.

“I know Alcorn will fulfill my goals of becoming a teacher and becoming the best baseball player I can be with the support from the coaching staff,” said De Angelis, an elementary education major and member of the Braves baseball team. “I am looking forward to learning about a different culture and being exposed to an environment that would allow me to develop my character further.”

As for his parents Michael Sr. and Linda, watching their son embark on a new chapter brought them pure joy.

“I am beaming with joy for my son’s blessing to live his dream of playing college baseball while also pursuing his dream of becoming a teacher,” said Linda.

“I know my son is in a great environment that would allow him to grow as a respectable young man,” said Michael Sr.

New faces from across the world made their way onto campus Wednesday, Aug. 17, as hundreds of freshmen moved into their new homes for the next four years during Freshman Move-In Day.

With college comes opportunities for growth, which is something that Jackson, Mississippi native Ejacia Adams anticipates. Determined to become a veterinarian, Adams is ready to attain new skills and knowledge at Alcorn while enhancing her social, academic, and professional networks.

“I want to excel academically and prepare myself for life after college,” said Adams. “I will be a veterinarian, so I’ll need to stay on top of my studies. I also want to be more socially active with my peers and work hard on my people and networking skills. I also want to improve my leadership skills in the ROTC program.”

No one understands Ejacia’s determination, drive, and intelligence like her mother, Pebbles Adams. Pebbles reflected on her daughter’s journey from discovering her passion for animals at age eight to game planning her future in the seventh grade, to becoming battalion commander and being ranked third in her high school class.

“Ejacia has always been a determined individual since she was a baby,” said Pebbles. “She has the willpower to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to doing. She’s so ambitious and inspiring. Although she is an overachiever at times, she never brags about her accomplishments. She’s humble and only cares about accomplishing her dreams, and she doesn’t care about impressing others. I love that about her.”

Ejacia’s proven track record of success gives Pebbles confidence that she will soar to great heights.

“She is such a beautiful person with so much enthusiasm about life and her future. I pray that she soars beyond her dreams because she deserves it.”

During Myles Dews initial visit to campus, the Fort Worth, Texas native remembers how other Alcornites made him feel like one of their own. The close-knit, family-like atmosphere solidified his choice to attend.

“I’m excited to start a new chapter in my life, meet new people, and make new connections,” said Dews, who's majoring in psychology. “When I visited campus, it felt like family. I knew that I would be welcomed and able to thrive here. I’m looking forward to experiencing the HBCU life.”

His parents, Keith and Ericka Dews, expressed pride in their son’s leap into manhood. They both said that they are “excited to see him step into adulthood.”

College is where teenagers transition from the comfort of their parent's homes to become independent young adults. Jimberly Rudd, a Batesville, Mississippi native majoring in nursing, looks forward to entering adulthood.

“I think being a college student would help me get used to being away from my parents and home,” said Rudd. “College would allow me to blossom and become comfortable being an adult.”

Sending off their baby girl to college was bittersweet for Jimberly’s parents, Jimmy and Dianna Rudd. They expressed an array of emotions, but ultimately, both are proud to see their daughter pursue a college education.

“I’m sad and glad,” said Jimmy. “Although I’m very comfortable with the people and Alcorn’s campus, my little girl has never been away from me for such a long time.”

“I’m happy and sad at the same time,” said Dianna. “I’m very proud of the college she chose, and I pray that she has a good educational experience. Alcorn makes you feel welcome. I love the atmosphere. I will miss my baby, but I know that she’s in God’s hands. So, she’ll be okay.”