Alcorn participates in Study Tour with the U.S. Agency for International Development in Barbados

Four students and one faculty member from the School of Agriculture and Applied Sciences participated in a study tour in Barbados facilitated by the Eastern and Southern Caribbean Office of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) from Feb. 15 to March 7.

Alcorn State University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with USAID during the 2022 spring semester. The tour was supported through the CEIED Grant “Strengthening the Certificate of Global Perspectives.” The CEIED is the 1890 Center of Excellence in International Engagement and Development.

“The study tour with USAID in Barbados was planned to emphasize topics related to climate change, the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology work, internship opportunities, research, tropical agriculture, and USAID’s development programs in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean region,” said Dr. Dovi Alipoe, director of Global Programs.

This opportunity served as a growing and learning experience for all parties involved. It has been an experience that has positively contributed to the development of students and organizations.

“Through the partnership, USAID and Alcorn seek to build on each other’s respective strengths, experiences, technologies, methodologies, investments, and resources to facilitate increased collaboration in areas of international development,” said Alipoe.

Students enjoyed the tour and were grateful for the opportunity to experience Barbados and its knowledge.

“This experience was a great one! I got to see what life was like outside of the United States. Being on a non-technology island opened my eyes to the things around me. Technology has always taken things from us, such as socializing face-to-face and meeting new people. I look forward to future opportunities such as this one! Alcorn providing this opportunity was very beneficial! Since it was our first time out of the country, it gave us some life-lasting experience that will strengthen our resume and expand our horizons and future endeavors. I truly appreciate Alcorn State University for presenting me with this opportunity because opportunities like this do not happen often,” said Kendall Gibbs Jr., a student attendee.

Gratitude is expressed to Alcorn by those who attended because of the knowledge provided.

 “Traveling and studying abroad will always be a treasured experience for me. It is amazing how different and how similar our cultures are. I enjoyed being able to experience life as a growing adult. Alcorn State University has always been an extraordinary institution of higher learning. Our university ranks high in providing opportunities for its students. I have always loved Alcorn State, and I am privileged to have been selected to travel to Barbados for a rewarding learning experience,” said Laila Wright, a student attendee.