The Family and Consumer Sciences Department of the Extension Program is made up of human scientists from Alcorn State University who focus on issues that affect our daily lives. These issues include: Health, Finances, Nutrition and Child and Family Development. We work together as a team to bring the best science to solving problems and enhancing lives.

The goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to help Mississippi families, and individuals develop and grow in safe and healthy ways. The F&CS Extension program at Alcorn State University is centered around research-based education that focuses on the science and the art of living and working well in our complex world. We survey the need of the communities we serve. Through our community needs assessment and local program advisory committees we learn about the needs of the community and how we can help provide education that helps people improve society and the economy.

What is an FCS County Educator?

Four (4) Area Family and Consumer Science County Educator serve the Alcorn State University Extension Service Program service area. These educators work with county officials and state organizations to bring needed resources and education to Mississippi residents. FCS County Educators are specially trained in addressing community issues through education and outreach. Meet your ASUEP-FCS county Educator. (Link to Educator Profiles).

What is am EFNEP Educator?

Nutrition insecurity is a significant national health concern, especially among low-income populations that disproportionately experience poor health. Often associated with food insecurity, nutrition insecurity is characterized by poor nutrition, limited physical activity, and unsafe food practices. The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is the nation’s first nutrition education program for low-income populations and remains at the forefront of nutrition education efforts to reduce nutrition insecurity of low-income families and youth today. One (1) Coordinator and four (4) EFNEP Educators serve the Alcorn State University Extension Service Program Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) service area.

What is an FCS Program Specialist?

The FCS Program Specialist oversees the Family and Consumer Sciences programs at the Alcorn State University Extension Program. The FCS Program Specialist design programs and directs the work of the Area Program Educators. The Specialist is also responsible for training all Area FCS Educators. Since each county has different needs and addresses different issues, the programs they deliver can vary widely. It is then the responsibility of the FCS Program Specialist that the programs are being presented according to research-based curricula and resources and that the community needs of the people we serve are addressed. Meet the ASUEP- FCS Program Specialist.