School of Arts & Sciences

Patlolla, Babu P. Dean & Professor of Biology MASCI 216 601-877-6287 [email protected]
Williams, Hortense Administrative Assistant MASCI 216 601-877-6120 [email protected]

Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Acholonu, Alexander Professor Emeritus [email protected]
Williams, Voletta Professor Emeritus [email protected]


Zaman, M.S. Professor Emeritus  

[email protected]


Burr, Monica Instructor Pre-Professional Bldg 601-877-6681 [email protected]
Davis, Dawn Administrative Assistant I MASCI 313 601-877-6235 [email protected]
Grigsby, Jameka Assistant Professor MASC 303 601-877-6245 [email protected]
Johnson, Leroy Adjunct Instructor N/A N/A [email protected]
Kostyleva, Elena Assistant Professor MASCI 304 601-877-6244 [email protected]
McDaniel, Shavonda Instructor MASCI 319 601-877-6454 [email protected]
Nash, Justin Visiting Assistant Professor MASC 317 601-877-6232 [email protected]
Piva, Marta Professor/
Interim Chair
MASCI 313 601-877-6237 [email protected]
Roy, Debarshi Assistant Professor MASC 329 601-877-6236 [email protected]
Smith, Lori Lab Coordinator/
Inventory Clerk
MASC 320 601-877-6286 [email protected]
Stewart, Lakeisha Instructor MASC 302 601-877-6454 [email protected]

Department of Chemistry & Physics

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Eley, Sonia Instructor of Chemistry/Interim Chair MASC 215 601-877-6436 [email protected]
Chatman, Shawnta Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry MASC 220 601-8776250 [email protected]
Cooper, Stefan M. Assistant Professor MASC 231 601-877-6249 [email protected]
Jones, Maple Administrative Assistant I MASC 215 601-877-6436 [email protected]
Okoli, Nnamdi B. Instructor MASC 230 601-877-6247 [email protected]
Ondera, Thomas Associate Professor MASCI 217 601-877-3987 [email protected]
Sanghapi, Herve K. Assistant Professor of Physics MASC 204 601-877-6248 [email protected]
Singh, Anant Associate Professor MASC 201 601-877-6251 [email protected]

Department of English, Languages, and Mass Communication

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Aaron, Curtis Director, ASU TV-13 601-877-6107 [email protected]
Bailey, Heather Assistant Professor Lanier 232 601-877-6402 [email protected]
Brooks, Gemario On Air Announcer IT Building WPRL 601-877-6290 [email protected]
Coleman, J. Janice Professor Lanier 242 601-877-3929 [email protected]
II, Davis, Henry L. Instructor Lanier 150 601-877-6403 [email protected]
Dogini, Eric Professor IT Building 106 601-877-6613 [email protected]
Domatob, Jerry Professor IT Building 106 601-877-6612 [email protected]
Dupree, Timothy Assistant Professor Lanier 134 601-877-6409 [email protected]
Edmond, Charles Director, Sports/Manager, Operations IT Building WPRL 601-877-6290 [email protected]
Forman, Stephen Instructor Lanier 227 601-877-6408 [email protected]
Hedrick, Myrtle Administrative Assistant I IT Building WPRL 601-877-6290 [email protected]
Jones, Consuela Assistant Director, Writing Center J.D. Boyd Library 1st Floor 601-877-2473 [email protected]
Jones, Rogena Administrative Assistant I Lanier 133 601-877-6400 [email protected]
Kehler, Brian Instructor Lanier 228 601-877-6415 [email protected]
Myles, Jerome Director, Production IT Building WPRL 601-877-6594 [email protected]
Obilade, Anne-Marie Interim Chair/Associate Professor Lanier 132 601-877-3927 [email protected]
Olivier, Allison Associate Professor Lanier 149 601-877-3926 [email protected]
Sanders, Larry Assistant Professor IT Building224-A 601-877-6632 [email protected]
Shugars, Murray Professor Lanier 243 601-877-6406 [email protected]
Terrett, Toni Assistant Professor IT Building 224-C 601-877-6557 [email protected]
Torres, Ana Instructor Lanier 148 601-877-6410 [email protected]
Wallace, Sheri Instructor Lanier 244 N/A [email protected]
Wiedenfeld, Logan Assistant Professor Lanier 229 601-877-6422 [email protected]
Harried, Dennis Adjunct Instructor N/A N/A [email protected]

Department of Fine Arts

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Alexander, Alona Assistant Professor/Choir Director/Music
Education Coordinator
Fine Arts
Bldg 106 or 309
601-877-6264 or 6268 [email protected]
Allen, Johnny Assistant Professor of Speech & Theatre Fine Arts
Bldg 302
601-877-6270 [email protected]
Barrino, Antonio Asst. Band Director/
Instructor of Music/Low Brass
Fine Arts Bldg-402 601-877-6265 [email protected]
Daniels, Sean Chair, Associate Professor Fine Arts
Bldg 101A
601-877-3962 [email protected]
Gordon, Tony Asst. Professor/University
Fine Arts Bldg 303 601-877-6376 [email protected]
Johnson, Byron Associate Professor/Voice
Area Coordinator
Fine Arts Bldg 307 601-877-6267 [email protected]
Lee, Donzell Professor Emeritus Fine Arts Bldg
[email protected]
Martin, Everson Asst. Professor/Director of Bands/Saxophone Fine Arts Bldg 403 601-877-6266 [email protected]
McDonald, Linda Administrative Assistant I Fine Arts Bldg 101 601-877-6261 [email protected]
Miller, David Professor of Music/
Director of ASU Jazz Festival
Fine Arts Bldg 312 601-877-6602 [email protected]
Murray, Renardo Associate Professor/
Associate Dean/Euphonium
Fine Arts Bldg 310 601-877-
[email protected]
Stransky, Ryan Instructor of Music/Upper Bass Fine Arts Bldg 304 [email protected]
Turner, Jacinta Librarian/Equipment Manager Fine Arts Bldg 201 601-877-6269 [email protected]
Xia, Bingqing Visiting Assistant Professor/
Fine Arts Bldg 311 [email protected]

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Kotagiri, Ramkrishna Dileep Instructor of Computer Science MASC 127 601-877-3985 [email protected]
Love, Stephen Instructor of Computer Science MASC 118 601-877-3983 [email protected]
Maddali, Ramesh Assistant Professor MASC 111 601-877-6434 [email protected]
Robinson, Kevin Coordinator of University Math Center University Math Lab 601-877-6692 [email protected]
Savoy, Patrice Administrative Assistant MASC 101 601-877-6430 [email protected]
Tiwari, Tapan (Dr.) Professor MASC 122 601-877-6609 [email protected]
Tinsley, Tamaria Instructor MASC 122 601-877-3938 [email protected]
Udemgba, Elizabeth (MS) Assistant Professor MASC 123 601-877-6608 [email protected]
Yu, Lixin (Dr.) Professor MASC 101 601-877-6431 [email protected]
Zhang, Ping (Dr.) Associate Professor/Chair MASC 101 601-877-6431 [email protected]

Department of Military Sciences

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Campbell, 1LT Jamil Military Science Instructor IT Building 601-877-6372 [email protected]
Carrillo, SFC James Military Science Instructor It Building 601-877-6372 [email protected]
Fortenberry, LTC Jackey Chair/Professor IT Building 601-877-6442 [email protected]
Jones, CPT Monika Assistant Professor of Military Science IT Building 601-877-6427 [email protected]
Hearn, Frederick Senior Military Science Instructor IT Building Rm 3 601-877-6423 [email protected]
Myles, Terrace Mr. Human Resource Advisor IT Building 601-877-6424 [email protected]
Washington, 1LT Zaelon Gold Bar Recruiter IT Building 601-877-6443 [email protected]
Woods, Bridget Administrative Assistant I IT Building 601-877-4714 [email protected]

Department of Social Sciences

Faculty/Staff Title Office Location Office Phone Email Address
Appleby, Gwendolyn Adjunct Instructor Vicksburg Campus 601-629-3558 [email protected]
Brown, Edward Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 601-877-6411 [email protected]
Fageir, Siddig Chair/Assistant Professor Dumas Hall 601-877-6455 [email protected]
Frye, Inger (Mrs.) Administrative Assistant I Dumas Hall
601-877-6394 [email protected]
Galtney, Alfred Adjunct Instructor Herman Hall 601-877-3965 [email protected]
Hargrave, Teddrick Adjunct Instructor AG Dept 601-877-3990 [email protected]
Idusuyi, Dickson (Dr.) Professor Dumas Hall 218 601-877- [email protected]
Iheanacho, Vitalis (Dr.) Professor Dumas Hall 219 601-877-6413 [email protected]
Lee, Earnestine Instructor Dumas Hall 103 601-877-6396 [email protected]
Martin, Alexander Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 216 601-877-6411 [email protected]
Miller, Donald Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 216 601-877-6394 [email protected]
Oludare, Alaba Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 601-877-6411 [email protected]
Rhodes, Carroll Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 217 601-877-6411 [email protected]
Ugboaja, Erin Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 217 601-0877-6411 [email protected]

Department of Social Work

Bell, Antrina Assistant Professor Dumas Hall 214 601-877-6416 [email protected]
Frye, Inger (Mrs.) Administrative Assistant I Dumas Hall 204 601-877-6394 [email protected]
Gales, Nicole E. Adjunct Instructor Dumas Hall 205 601-877-6394 [email protected]
Tolliver-Cook, Valtreasa Associate Professor/Chair Dumas Hall 213 601-877-6336 [email protected]