The Department of English, Languages, and Mass Communication includes two distinct academic programs: English & Mass Communication. The department provides courses leading to a Bachelors of Arts degree in English, with majors in literature and teaching, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Mass Communications.

The mission of the department is to help students appreciate, understand and interpret the human experience as it is expressed through the written and spoken word; to prepare students to become successful media practitioners;and to foster student’s critical thinking skills. To achieve this end, the curricula provide opportunities for the student (1) to gain mastery of language, especially the forms of Standard American English, (2) to develop skills and techniques of effective writing and to teach students the skills necessary to operate across a wide variety of media platforms using state-of-the-art technologies, (3) to cultivate an appreciation for literature and communications from a variety of cultures and skills in interpreting it, (4), to develop and broaden problem-solving and analytical skills, and (5) to develop intellectual curiosity.

Through its curricula the department prepares its majors to enter the work force in a variety of occupations, including teaching, writing and editing, business and sales, public relations, producers, reporters, anchors and government service with local, state, and federal agencies. The major also prepares students for graduate or professional study in such fields as literature, linguistics, communications, law, library science and business administration.

Degree Program

Students majoring in English may select either a major in literature, which is designed for those interested in graduate school, professional writing, and college teaching; or a major in teaching, which is designed for those interested in secondary school teaching. In addition to the required courses in these two majors, we offer a broad range of language and literature electives designed to enhance the general education of all students, regardless of major.

The literature major provides an excellent background for those majors who wish to enter law, medicine, business, or government service. With course preparation in the aforementioned areas, a student in the literature concentration can be assured of using the English language effectively, an invaluable asset in professional fields.

Students majoring in Mass Communication will experience print media by writing, editing, and publishing a bi-monthly student run online newspaper, The Campus Chronicle;television broadcast media by participating in a regular television newscast as producers, assignment reporters, videographers, and anchors; and radio broadcast media by participating in a regular one hour radio show where vocal delivery skills can be developed and enhanced.

Students will obtain these real-world hands-on professional experiences via our professionally managed 3,000 watt FM broadcast radio station, WPRL 91.7 FM, and our University wide cable television center, ASU TV-13.

Contact & Social Media Information

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The Department Chair is Dr. Anne-Marie Obilade. If you have any questions, please call 601-877-6400.