December 2018 SACSCOC Orientation at 2018 Annual Meeting
January 31, 2019 ASU Leadership Team Reaffirmation Meeting
March, 2019 Writing Teams Orientation Meeting
Spring-Fall 2019 Writing Teams Research/Write Compliance Certification Drafts
Spring 2020 Compliance Certification Drafts Submitted by Writing Teams
Spring-Summer 2020 Revision of Compliance Certification by Writing Teams
September 2020 Submission of Compliance Certification to SACSCOC
November 2020 SACSCOC Off-Site Review of Compliance Certification
November 2020-January 2021 Prepare Focused Report
February 2021 Submit Focused Report and QEP
March 30-April 1, 2020 2021 SACSCOC Reaffirmation On-Site Visit
Spring-Summer 2021 Prepare/submit Response to the Visiting Committee Report (if necessary)
December 2021 SACSCOC Board of Trustees Accreditation Review/Decision