The Office of Graduate Studies is offering scholarships and tuition assistance through the HBCU Grant for African Americans 2023-2024 who are underserved, underrepresented, and low-income students in graduate STEM programs. Review the information below to apply for a scholarship or tuition assistance.

Graduate Studies HBCU Grant
Establishing Scholarships and Financial Assistance
Scholarship and Financial Assistance Awarding Criteria


Students must meet specific eligibility criteria and show sufficient financial need to qualify. The Office of Graduate Studies will coordinate and award the scholarships and assistantships to eligible African American students for the new grant cycle 2023-2029.

S.T.E.M. units participating in the grant will have an opportunity to recommend candidates. All students are required to submit a formal application to be considered for these resources whether recommended by the academic unit’s activity manager or independent interest. Interested applicants or activity managers should check all criteria to ensure a student meets the qualifications before submitting an application. A short application is required. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. All applicants may not be awarded.

Apply for Scholarship/Tuition Assistance


1. Admission

Any prospective African American graduate student recruited /or currently enrolled student in a graduate STEM program who is interested in being awarded a scholarship or financial assistance to pursue a program of study in a STEM discipline.

2. GPA

Academic performance must demonstrate student is academically talented. Student must reflect a minimum GPA of 3.00 to be considered for scholarships and financial assistance.

3. Financial Need

African American students considered underserved, underrepresented, and low income qualify to apply who lack the financial resources to support their access to education. This applies to students who may fall into one or more of the following categories:

a)Disadvantaged based on income

b)demonstrate financial need to pay tuition and fees

c)financial resources needed to complete degree program

d)struggling financially to pay for college

4. STEM Field of Interest

 Master of Science in Applied Science and Technology (AST)
 Master of Science in Biology
 Master of Science in Computer and Information Science (CIS)
 Master of Science in Nursing
 Master of Science in Secondary Education: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Science

Selection Information

a) Completed application submitted online by the deadline of December 1 (spring award) and May 25 (fall award) →

b) Scholarships awarded based on merit: GPA of 3.00+ (Cumulative Grade Point Average will be verified according to transcript); financial assistance is awarded to assist students with payment of tuition based on need

c) Demonstration of financial need

d) Underserved (students who do not have adequate/equitable financial resources as other students in the academic pipeline); Underrepresented (generally considered to be Hispanic/Latino, African American, Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or those of two or more races); Low-Income student (family annual income in lowest 20% nationally, around $40,000 or below the federal poverty line)


Students can only receive one of the following: scholarship or assistantship. Awards are funded annually based on enrollment and availability of funds. Credit hours will be verified through Banner. All awards will be applied directly to students’ accounts at Alcorn State University each semester based on eligibility. Amount of award will be adjusted if credit hours requirement or use of funds unmet.

Scholarship for graduate student (tuition & fees) varies based on University’s annual Tuition and Fees (Maximum funded per semester 6 credit hours; consideration given for books and instructional materials)

3.00 GPA +

Tuition Assistance varies based on student’s need for assistance according to tuition and/or fees

Financial need + GPA


To renew either scholarship or financial assistance, a student must complete at least 12 semester hours each academic year (six hours per semester fall & spring) and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00+ or risk forfeiting renewal (Scholarship). Financial Assistance renewal will be based on enrollment in course credits and/or use of funds to pay fees (Fees include books, student activity fee, laboratory & research fees). A student must remain enrolled in a STEM discipline at the graduate level to qualify for continuation of the award.


Julia Odom
HBCU Activity Director
Establishing Scholarships and Financial Assistance to Graduate Students
Alcorn State University
1000 ASU Drive #689
Walter Washington Administration Building 519
Lorman, MS 49096-7500
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: (601) 877-4708