LiveText is a Course Management System that allows students to organize and complete online assignments for the School of Education.

In the School of Education and Psychology, LiveText is used to analyze student learning outcomes and meet the accreditation requirements of its teacher education programs. All undergraduate and graduate teacher candidates seeking teacher or school personnel certifications are required to purchase a LiveText membership. This one-time purchase, comparable in price to the cost of a textbook, is valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.

The key benefit of LiveText for students is immediate access to faculty feedback on their performance across all Education courses. Having access to this information helps students reflect on their learning over time. LiveText allows students to share their assessments and showcase how they have met standards within their program. LiveText enables School of Education and Psychology students to complete course assignments, submit program assessments, save projects and papers in a secure location, build an electronic professional portfolio, and showcase their educational growth.

LiveText facilitates the linking of program standards, goals and department outcomes directly to assessments and assignments. This provides the School of Education and Psychology with an effective way to collect summative data on how our students are performing in specific areas of our programs and seek ways to improve our courses. LiveText is required by the School of Education and Psychology in order to maintain our quality programs.

Students who will be in the field will need to purchase the Field Experience Module (FEM). If you have any questions on the version to purchase please contact your advisor.

Students, cooperating teachers and faculty may receive LiveText support at or you may contact the Alcorn State University LiveText administrator at [email protected].