Department of Education & Psychology Graduating Senior Checklist

Congratulations! You’re almost there! But to make sure you get to graduation okay, make sure to complete the checklist, linked below: → Academics → Office of Student Records → Student Success Resources

Student must obtain a current student transcript from the Office of Student Records

This sheet maybe collected from the appropriate curriculum advisor. The student must complete the sheet (both sides) and submit it to the advisor for final evaluation and signature. – Office of Student Records – Online Forms – Substitution Waiver

This form is available under the Department of Education & Psychology webpage at under “Exit Examinations”.

(November & March) Note: If you miss the exam, please contact your advisor

You can learn more about getting your Cap & Gown at

This form may be obtained from the Student Affairs located on the second floor of the Union

Please make sure all forms are typed and signed before submission.