Students declaring a major in one of the undergraduate degrees offered by the Alcorn School of Business (ASB) are assigned an ASB faculty advisor upon initial enrollment in the University. Declared ASB majors are required to receive formal academic advising from their assigned ASB advisor prior to registering for any course in any subsequent semester. To assure each student’s successful academic performance as well as progress towards degree, ASB implements mandatory, faculty-student academic advising. Thus, early meaningful contact between ASB students and ASB faculty are important established systems to ensure the building of rich faculty-student relationships, rigorous course completion, and robust retention.

Prior to enrolling in any upper division business course (300 and 400 level), students pursuing a degree offered by the School of Business must complete the following requirements:

  • Must complete all University College requirements,
  • Must be advised by the University College advisor,
  • Must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.00, and
  • Must have a minimum grade of “C” in each of the following courses: English 111, English 112, Math 121, Math 223, Accounting 213, Accounting 214, Economics 201, Economics 202, and Speech Arts 223. Students not yet released from the University College who wish to enroll in any upper division business course must have the written permission of the Chair for undergraduate programs or their academic advisor.

Requirements for School of Business Degree

Accounting Bus. Admin.
1. Complete the University’s General Education Core 31 hrs. 31 hrs.
2. Unrestricted electives1 6 hrs. 6 hrs.
3. Restricted Business Core 47 hrs. 47 hrs.
4. Complete the School of Business Degree Specific Courses 36 hrs. 36 hrs.
5. Maximum Total Semester Hours Required for Graduation 120 hrs. 120 hrs.
6. At least 50 percent of the business credit hours required for the business degree must be earned at Alcorn State University
7. Student must earn a “C” in all business core and major courses