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The Bachelor of Business Administration program provides a foundation in the major functional areas of business, technology, communication, and critical thinking required for entry-level positions in business, industry and government. The curriculum allows for open electives in students’ areas of interest.

  • Program Goals (PGs)
    1. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the concepts and language of the functional areas of business.
    2. Graduates will be effective oral and written communicators.
    3. Graduates will be critical and analytical thinkers.
    4. Graduates will be able to integrate business knowledge to develop solutions to business challenges.
  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs):
    1. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts and principles of business by correctly answering questions in the areas of accounting, business law, economics, ethics, finance, information technology/systems, international business, management, marketing and quantitative methods.
    2. Students will be able to produce business-oriented written and oral presentations using personal productivity software and presentation tools.
    3. Students will be able to demonstrate critical thought and analysis by articulating solutions to business challenges through the application of integrated business knowledge.
    4. Students will be able to appreciate ethical and legal constructs and situations in the business environment.
    5. Students will be able to understand the global implications of contemporary business.

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Dr. Antwon D. Woods, Dean
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (601) 877-6458

Ms. Angela Wynn, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Email: [email protected]
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