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Alcorn State University embraces a diverse student population. It is our pleasure to welcome all International students to our campus and hope your experience is a productive one. The information links are intended to guide newly admitted and continuing international students through the application, enrollment, SEVIS compliance, academic, graduation process and much more to help international students prepare for their studies and experiences at Alcorn State University.

Quick Links and Immigration Resources

ASU Global Programs
The Office of Global Programs also supports international students who are studying at Alcorn State and facilitates special events, such as the annual Multicultural Festival, on campus. Through every program, we strive to increase global understanding among our students, our faculty, and our community.


CPT Application
CPT Advisor Completion Form
i983 Training Plan Instructions
International Information to Generate I-20
Local Address Information Form
OPT Application
OPT Advisor Assurance of Program Completion
OPT Checklist
OPT STEM Extension I-20 Request Form
Post-Arrival Checklist
Pre-Arrival Checklist
Program Extension Request Form
Reduced Course Load
Statement of Financial Support
Student Transfer-In Form
Student Transfer-Out Form

Housing Accommodations

The Office of Residence Life offers several On-Campus Living Options such as accommodations at four complexes in the Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village, three other locations on the main campus and housing accommodations on the Natchez Campus.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration of students to the United States. International students should visit this website often to stay informed of current regulations and accurate information that govern immigrant students.

F-2 Dependents
To qualify for F-2 status, a spouse or unmarried minor (under age 21) child may be approved under the I-20 status of a F-1 Student. The F-1 Student must provide required documentation for his/her spouse and unmarried minor for issuance of the F-2 Form.

Social Security Administration
In general, only noncitizens who have permission to work from DHS can apply for a Social Security number. Social Security numbers are used to report your wages. Students seeking off-campus CPT, OPT, and a driver’s license should contact your designated school official for international students regarding the approval process.

Applying for A Driver’s License

  1. Wait ten days after you arrive in the United States. You may want to apply for a driver’s license or SSN right away, but be patient. This step saves you 20 or more days of waiting! These ten days allow time for all the government databases to update with your arrival information. While you are waiting, talk with your designated school official (DSO) to learn more about your state’s driving rules and regulations.
  2. Make sure you are in active status in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). SEVIS is the database that manages information for all F and M students and J exchange visitors in the United States. Your DSO activates your record in SEVIS when you register for classes or check in for a program. Talk with your DSO before you apply for a license to make sure you are active in SEVIS.
  3. Wait two days after your DSO activates you in SEVIS. After your DSO activates your record in SEVIS, you should wait at least two business days before you apply for a driver’s license or SSN. This gives all the databases time to update with your new information. This step can also save you 20 or more days of waiting.