Stefan is a native of Sumter, SC. He obtained his B.S in chemistry from the College of Charleston. Stefan attended graduate school at Louisiana State University. His dissertation is entitled “Trans-Positioning Carbons within Strained Caged Bicyclic (s): ROM/RCM (Ring-Opening/Ring-Closing Metathesis) and Dieckmann Condensation Routes to Cis-Decalin Infrastructure”. Stefan completed a short postdoctoral stint with Herman O. Sintim at the University of Maryland, followed by an appointment as an NSF-PREM Path to Professorship fellow at Hampton University. In the August 2017, Stefan started as an assistant professor at Alcorn State University in the department of Chemistry and Physics.


  • B.S..: College of Charleston; Charleston, SC 2007
  • Ph.D.: Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA 2015
  • Post-doc: University of Maryland, College Park, MD 2015; Hampton University, Hampton, VA 2016

We are invested in leading contemporary efforts in exploiting light in chemical applications particularly with organic molecules. Current interest lies in exploiting the novel “T-shaped” conformer of azohetereoarenes in photo-controlled synthesis of small organic molecules, and in the preparation of novel materials.

  • Organic
  • Material science
  • Computational
  • Biomedical
  • Polymers
  • Organic Photovoltaics