January 2019 QEP Steering Committee Initial Meeting

QEP Steering Committee Chair–sends email to University community to solicit ideas for QEP topic

March 2019 QEP Committee meeting

Review of Survey Results

Identify Top Three QEP Topics

Spring – Fall 2019 QEP Proposals Developed
August 2019 Summary of all QEP Proposals Presented at Faculty/Staff Institute
October 15, 2019 QEP Student Forum
October 31, 2019 QEP Proposal Discussion at Faculty Town Hall Meeting
Spring 2020 University Vote on QEP Proposals
Summer 2020 Presentation of QEP Proposals and Voting Results to President’s Cabinet
Summer-Fall 2020 Development of QEP
September 2020 Submit QEP Summary with Compliance Certification (optional)
January 2021 QEP Submitted (Six weeks prior to onsite review)