The Summer Developmental Program (SDP) is a nine-week summer enrichment program designed to enhance the academic skills of students who do not meet all criteria for admission into Mississippi’s eight public universities. Qualified students will take course work in English, mathematics and reading.

This program will include classroom instruction, seminar, career counseling/mentoring, as well as, computer-assisted tutorials. Additionally, students will receive counseling and support needed to matriculate successfully in the academic and social community of the university. These courses will not count toward graduation. However, with successful completion of the Summer Developmental Program, the student will be able to enroll as a freshman during the fall semester. Students who do not meet the exit requirements for the Summer Developmental Program will be advised of other educational alternatives and will be assisted in pursuing those options.

The year-long academic support program will be required of those students who successfully complete the Summer Developmental Program. The program is designed to assist those students admitted with academic deficiencies with their freshman courses.

Summer Developmental Program Quick Facts

Term: Nine Weeks
Dates: Contact: 601.877.6226 or 3968
Credit Hours: 12 credit hours for all students

(Hours do not count toward graduation)
Course Work: English – EN-098

Mathematics – MA-098
Reading – RE-098
Learning Skills Lab – LA-098
Contact Hours: 2250 contact minutes are required for each three (3) credit hour lecture based course. The lab section will require 4500 contact minutes.

Fees to Attend the Summer Developmental Program

In-State Fees

In-State (On Campus) — assessed per the University’s rate

In-State (Off Campus) — assessed per the University’s rate

*Housing rates are in addition to tuition.

Notice: Fees are subject to change without notice.

Other Fees

There will be a $125.00 non-refundable housing fee. This fee is not added in the cost of tuition. Students are responsible for paying the housing fee upon arrival to campus. The student is responsible for purchasing books at an approximate cost of $350.00. For information on financial assistance, please call 601.877.6190.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available for the Summer Developmental Program. Students must complete both an application for admission (available online or contact the Office of Admissions) and an application for financial aid. Additionally, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must also be completed.