Math Education major requires 120 credit hours of courses in mathematics and education, as well other elective courses.

The Math Education program has NCATE accreditation.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree is designed for students interested in teaching mathematics in grades 7-12. Students completing this degree are also prepared to enter graduate programs.

Students, in collaboration with the Department of Education, are prepared for 7-12 licensure by providing them professional courses and experiences they need. Students must pass praxis exams to qualify for licensure in Mississippi.

Successful students are required to complete a semester-long student teaching internship in a middle or high school. All our graduates are employed in both state supported and private schools.

Click here for Math Education program sheet (all course list) (click here)

Math Education program offers following main courses:

  • Calculus I, II, III
  • College Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Educational Psychology
  • Managing Classroom
  • Teaching Math in the Secondary School
  • Directed Teaching (internship, 12 credit hours)

*and other required/elective courses in Math and Computer Science

Job opportunity: Math Teacher in schools, Government, Mathematician

Student Scholarship Information

  • President’s Excellence Scholarship
  • Provost Scholar Scholarship
  • University Scholar Scholarship
  • Mississippi Community College Transfer Graduates Scholarship

For above scholarships, please visit Admissions/scholarship requirements website on the ASU main website

Pre-Noyce Scholarship and Noyce Pre-Service Teacher Scholar

The Be Brave Teach STEM program, a Noyce Scholarship Program, funded by the National Science foundation, brings together the Alcorn State University’s Department of Education and Psychology and the School Departments offering STEM disciple (biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and technology) to enhance the quality and quantity of STEM teachers in secondary schools. The program offers up to $10,000 in annual scholarships for undergraduate students to encourage them to enter STEM education careers in high-needs districts.

If there are any question, contact Dr. LaShundia Carson, Director of Field Experience, at the ASU Campus 601-877-6547; or Dr. Ping Zhang, email:[email protected], phone: 601-8776430.

Department scholarship:

  • NASA scholarship
  • University Math Center Teaching Assistance positions

For the scholarships, please contact Dr. Ping Zhang, Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science, Alcorn State university, email: [email protected]; phone: 601-877-6430