The Department of Chemistry and Physics offers a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry (upon completion of the requirements) with concentrations in biochemistry, chemistry for advanced study, and chemical physics. Currently the department is working on the accreditation of its biophysics program.
Students who enter the chemistry program will receive hands-on laboratory training combined with classroom instruction to ensure that they have the required skills and knowledge to be prepared for their chosen careers in chemistry and physics. The Chemistry and Physics Department also provides research opportunities for select students through the Department’s Research Group. Various clubs and organizations are also housed in the Chemistry Department (for example, Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity and Khem Club) to provide students with engaging service opportunities on campus and in the surrounding communities. Department faculty ensure that students apply for and receive paid off-campus summer internship opportunities to enhance their studies and better prepare them for their chosen field in chemistry.

Potential Careers:
Research Scientist, College Professor
Medical doctor, Dentist, Optometrist
Industrial Scientist