This is a joint graduate program with the Department of Education and Psychology and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

This major requires 12 credit hours of graduate courses in education and 21 credit hours of graduate courses in mathematics.

The Master of Science in Education degree in Secondary Education (with an endorsement in mathematics) is interdisciplinary. It is designed for teachers in elementary, junior and senior high schools and junior colleges who already possess educator license. The program aims at enhancing students’ professional knowledge and expertise in the field of Mathematics.

Program Description

This graduate program strives to:


strengthen the attributes of a good teacher;


develop skill in oral and written communication of mathematics;


Establish an intellectual environment in which teaching and learning flourish together.

Admission Requirements: meet all admission requirements set by University.

Application package includes:

Official transcript for all academic work on the collegiate level

Two letters of recommendation

Official results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) no older than five (5) years

If you are an international applicant, your official transcript needs to be evaluated by one certified evaluator or company. Please contact the office of graduate studies for more information.

Application procedure: Please visit Graduate Studies, Alcorn State university website:

Course Requirements:

  • Core Education Courses (12 hours) Credits
  • ED 512 Foundations of American Research 3 hrs.
  • ED 514 Methods of Educational Research 3 hrs.
  • PH 513 Advanced Educational Psychology 3 hrs.
  • ED 533 Curriculum (Methods) Development 3 hrs.
  • Required Courses (18 hours) Credits
  • MA 501 Introduction to Analysis 3 hrs.
  • MA 502 Logic, Sets and Found. of Math 3 hrs.
  • MA 503 Abstract Algebra I 3 hrs.
  • MA 504 Axiomatic Geometry 3 hrs.
  • MA 515 General Topology 3 hrs.
  • MA 585 Methods of Teaching Mathematics 3 hrs.
  • Electives (at least one course in algebra) (3-6 hours) Credits
  • MA 511 Introduction to Analysis II 3 hrs.
  • MA 512 Complex Variables 3 hrs.
  • MA 513 Abstract Algebra II 3 hrs.
  • MA 514 Synthetic Projective Geometry 3 hrs.
  • MA 516 Group Theory 3 hrs.
  • MA 560 Modern Topics in Mathematics 1-3 hrs.

TOTAL 33 hrs.