Certificate: Post Master Nurse Educator

Description of Program

The Post Master Certificate Option in Nurse Educator program offers a 13-credit hour program that can be completed in four (4) semesters of part-time study.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate theoretical and empirical knowledge from nursing and other disciplines and knowledge for use in guiding nursing research, nursing pedagogy, and advanced nursing practice
  • Generate new teaching and practice approaches based on the integration of research, theory, and practice knowledge
  • Demonstrate mastery of advanced knowledge and skills in advanced practice nursing (FNP)
  • Analyze implication of ethical and legal issues affecting health care delivery, education, and research
  • Analyze the effect of organizational structure, functions, and resources on the development and delivery of quality health care and educational programs
  • Communicate effectively in a scholarly manner using oral, written, and information technology in a variety of settings
  • Assume leadership roles to initiate and guide changes that foster collaboration and contribute to the ongoing development of nursing education and practice
  • Participate in professional organizations and activities that influence advanced practice nursing and/or health outcomes

Admission Requirements:

Students applying for entrance to the Post Master Option in Nursing are required to submit an application for admission, Apply Online (www.alcorn.edu/academics/graduate-studies).

  • Three letters of recommendation (professional, academic, personal on official letterhead with original signatures specifying in detail the applicant’s capabilities for graduate study and for future nursing practice)
  • Resume
  • Goal Statement
  • Official transcript from an accredited school (if a student has attended more than one school, transcripts must be submitted from all schools attended). At least one transcript must document the student has a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0. Some departments have additional requirements students must meet for admission
  • GPA of 3.0 or above in pre-requisites and nursing courses
  • A grade of “C” or better in an undergraduate introductory-level statistics course
  • Copy of current unencumbered license to practice nursing in a state or US territory and eligibility for licensure in the state in which you will complete your clinical practicum
  • Immunization Record
  • An interview with Graduate Nursing faculty
  • Individual Nursing Professional Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000/$3,000,000 (prior to first clinical practicum course)

Decisions are made only after receipt of all credentials by the department’s admission committee. The School of Nursing uses an admission formula to accept students. The entire application packet, including all supporting materials, must be submitted to the Graduate School. Official test scores must be submitted from Education Testing Service (ETS) and must not be older than five years, official transcripts from the sending school, and Credential Evaluations (International students) from an approved Credential Evaluation Service.

Standardized Test:

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test is the official standardized test required for admission to the Post Master Option in Nursing. WAIVED

Degree Requirements:

The curriculum for the Post Master Certificate Option in Nurse Educator requires 13 credit hours of coursework

Certificate expectations require the following:

  • A minimum of 7 credit hours of graduate instruction must be completed in residence at Alcorn State University
  • Earn no more than two Cs in coursework
  • Official transcripts on file for all transfer credits accepted by the University

Academic advisors are allowed to accept up to six semester credit hours earned at an accredited university with a grade of “B” or higher for graduate coursework completed. Substitutions of coursework are allowed with the approval of an advisor and department administrators up to nine hours if the substitution(s) meet curriculum requirements.

See Transfer of Credits Policy for additional information.
See the Substitution of Courses Policy for additional information.

Academic Track: Certificate

Certificate Option Audit:

Before completion of the certificate program can be confirmed, each student’s progression to degree completion will be evaluated to determine if student has met all academic requirements for course work and other aspects of the student’s course of study and Graduate School requirements. When these requirements are met, the student is cleared for certificate completion.

Time to Certificate Completion

Alcorn’s time to degree completion policy allows 6 years to complete the nurse educator program. Degree completion depends on the pace a student completes the curriculum. If the time exceeds six years, the student must petition the Graduate School to consider an appeal for more time to degree completion.

See the Student Academic Appeals Policy for Expiration of Timeline for additional requirements

Degree Plan and Course Sequence

Fall 1 (3 Hours)
NU 530 Curriculum Theory and Design in Nursing Education

Spring 1 (6 Hours)
NU 531 Curriculum Strategies and Roles in Nursing Education
NU 532 Assessment and Evaluation in Nursing Education

Fall 2 (4 Hours)
NU 533 Nursing Education Practicum (240)

For More Information Contact:
Dr. Brenda Collins, 601-304-4303, [email protected] (Department of Graduate Nursing)