Honors Curriculum Program Members

  • Can graduate as an Honors Curriculum Scholar with appropriate recognition during the spring commencement.
  • Receive special consideration for scholarships, internships, and research opportunities.
  • Receive special cultural and travel opportunities and study abroad opportunities.
  • Can apply for membership in Honor Societies and Honor Student Organization (HSO).
  • Have special access to Honors Work Center which houses computer hardware and software, copy machine, typewriters, printers, reference tools, and textbooks.
  • Take advantage of exceptional academic advising and counseling.
  • Work closely with outstanding faculty.
  • Participate in community service activities such as tutoring and mentoring programs.

Course Offerings

Students may enroll in honors courses throughout their tenure at the university. The built-in flexibility of the program allows students to concurrently earn honors credit towards their degree as follows:

  • Special honors sections of general education courses. Core courses in English, social sciences, applied sciences, and mathematics are a component of all curricula.
  • Honors Colloquium and Honors Seminar are two-semester series intended for sophomore and junior level students. While the Sophomore Colloquium series provides enriching reading, writing, and discussion opportunities, the Junior Honors Seminar provides an opportunity to explore past and current ideas and issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Honors enhancement courses allow the opportunity for students to receive honors credit for non-designated honors courses. Upon the completion of a contract agreement between the student, instructor, and the Director of Honors, honor credit is given for work done in a course found in the student’s curriculum but which has not been designated as an honors section.
  • Honors Independent Study courses are designed to allow the student to pursue research in a field of interest under the supervision of the Director of Pre-Professional and Honors Curriculum Programs or a designated professor.


Cognita was established in 1989 as a peer-review interdisciplinary journal with the primary purpose of publishing research articles by Alcorn State University honors’ students.

Other Clubs and Organizations

Honors Student Organization (HSO)
National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC)
Southern Regional Honors Council (SRHC)
National Association for African American Honors Program (NAAAHP)
Mississippi Undergraduate Honors Conference (MUHC)