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The accounting major offers a balanced, intellectually vibrant field of study. The baccalaureate program provides the requisite accounting skills for entry-level positions in the practice of public accounting, in industry, financial services, government and in business more generally. You will also be prepared for graduate study in accounting, and in fields related to business professions such as the law. More broadly, you will be prepared for success in a constantly evolving world economy.

  • Program Goals (PGs):
    1. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the concepts and language of the functional areas of business with a focus in the study of accounting.
    2. Graduates will be effective oral and written communicators.
    3. Graduates will be critical and analytical thinkers.
    4. Graduates will be able to integrate business knowledge to develop solutions to business challenges.
  • Student Learning Objectives (SLOs):
    1. Students will be able analyze accounting and financial statements in order to facilitate decision making
    2. Students will be able to communicate accounting analysis of a public company.
    3. Students will be able to demonstrate the foundational knowledge in the core areas of business.
    4. Students will be able to identify different ethical perspectives when confronting accounting issues
    5. Students will be able to identify accounting challenges of firms operating in the global environment.

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Dr. Antwon D. Woods, Dean
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Ms. Angela Wynn, Executive Assistant to the Dean
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