The Academic Youth Program at Alcorn State University is a collection of education programs located at the Alcorn State University Vicksburg Expansion Center. The AYP will provide students with individualized comprehensive advising on personal development, career awareness, computer based academic support, and goal setting. We also provide a forum for peer interaction and project based learning focusing on topics such as peer pressure, self-esteem, health and wellness, and other topics of interest. All of the courses are taught in the traditional classroom setting along with online courses. Courses target students from elementary school up to advanced college graduate. Subjects offered include: Mathematics, English, Reading, and Science. Students will have the opportunity to visit the campus of Alcorn State University and attend a variety of sporting events and information forums on campus.

Vicksburg College Readiness Program


The purpose of the Alcorn Vicksburg College Readiness Program is to provide students the opportunity to receive tutoring, counseling, and individualized instruction to help them prepare for college.

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Vicksburg College Readiness Program Brochure