The Political Science’s curriculum is designed for students who seek the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in political science.  It serves the student who wished to acquire an organized body of knowledge about government  and politics before entering various fields off employment such as government services, law, teaching, mass media and private enterprise.

Student majoring in political science must complete 122 semester hours of course work in the field with a grade of “C” or better to graduate.   A minimum of twenty-seven (27) hours in political science (GT) and nine (9) hours in social science (SS 375, SS 446, and SS 476) must be taken.  It is the students’ responsibility to take these courses in sequence.  In addition, students majoring in political science must pass the Exit Examination that is offered by the department in November and/or March. * The examination has two parts: Part I consists of standardized questions.  It tests the students’s knowledge of the various areas of his/her studies, namely, Government, American History and World Civilizations, General Sociology, and Economics.  Part II contains essay questions that test the student’s mastery of his/her major field.  Passing grade is seventy (70) points out of one hundred (100).

  • Dates of examination will be announced by the Department of Social Sciences.