The Statistical Consulting and Training Center (SCTC) provides statistical advice and assistance with research proposal preparation and short-term statistical analysis to faculty and graduate student researchers.

  • Problem Formulation
  • Experimental Design and Sample-Size Determination
  • Selection of Statistical Models
  • Advice on Statistical Modeling and Help with Interpreting Output
  • Paragraphs on ‘Statistical Methods’ for Grant Proposals

The SCTC seeks to develop longer term, collaborative research efforts and promote cross-disciplinary interaction between SCTC faculty and students and their counterparts in other disciplines, as well as with industrial researchers. It is anticipated that the SCTC staff will work closely with the client, receiving recognition in resulting research reports and papers in the form of joint authorship or acknowledgments, as appropriate.

Answering questions relative to statistics including statistical software.

No data entry and data analysis for course-related projects.

The responsibility for performing the actual data analysis of any project rests with the client; the function of the SCTC will be to advise the client on appropriate statistical methodology for the project and interpretation of results. When data analysis is performed by SCTC personnel (other than in the context of a project involving some research component), it will be carried out on a negotiated contract basis.