A major strength of Alcorn’s Mass Communications program, which attracts students globally is radio production. Radio continues to evolve and hold its own among the growing number of media channels consumers can choose from. The campus radio station is a Public Radio International (PRI) station that is also 3000 watt CPB qualified which broadcasts nationally syndicated programs as well as local content created by students and staff. With content to engage the mind, music to soothe the soul and conversation to keep you in the know, radio production is fast emerging as the department’s crown jewel.

Student’s Enthusiasm

Enthusiastic students, under the able tutelage of seasoned faculty and staff plan, organize and produce programs for broadcast over the radio station, WPRL 91.7 FM and on the internet at www.wprl.org.

Students produce public affairs, entertainment, sports, religious, musical, social, political and other cultural programs. Additionally, they assist with remote broadcasts from various places on campus and neighboring towns including Fayette, Vicksburg, Natchez, Lorman and elsewhere in southwest Mississippi.

Digital Technology

The studio operates with ultra-modern broadcast equipment. Faculty, staff and students benefit from a state of the art digital transmitter, audio consoles, microphones and other technologies needed for broadcasts. Remote broadcasts are also conducted with the help of flip jack remotes, cell phone mixers, microphones and headsets.

Dedicated Staff

What makes this experience unique, exciting, enriching and inspiring for students is the nurturing faculty and staff, who take time to guide, instruct and mentor students. These are professionals with education and experience in the field, who cheerfully and zestfully assist students to achieve their objectives.

With two studios, a reception area and three offices, students learn in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere, where they acquire the skills that prepare them for careers in the field.