Every student enrolled as a full-time degree candidate must study a major instrument, e.g. piano,
voice, trumpet, and saxophone. Students desiring to be considered for a scholarship must
perform an audition before an award is granted. Students desiring the music performance major
must audition on the chosen instrument before being accepted into the program. Students
enrolled as music education majors who wish to change to music performance must audition
prior to being admitted to the performance program and prior to the beginning of the junior year.
It should be noted that there are differences in the applied music sequences between the music
performance and music education curriculums. Consult the current University catalog for
specific information.

Audition Requirements for Scholarships open to all majors.

Instrumental, Vocal and String Auditions
Prepare 2-4 minutes of music to play at the audition. Choose repertoire that demonstrates your technical
ability and musical skills. Do not select music that is too difficult for your, or that you
have not thoroughly prepared. Students will be asked to sight-read a short music passage.

Brass: All major Scales
Chromatic Scale
Solo or Etude

Piano: All Major Scales Both Hands
Solo or Etude Preferably from the Classical or Romantic repertoire

Percussion: All major scales
Solo or Etude on at least two different instruments:
Snare Drum, Timpani, Mallets and or Drum Set
40 International Rudiments

Strings: Violin, viola, cello
Two pieces of contrasting character. At least one of the pieces should be played from
Pieces chosen should demonstrate the applicant’s ability in phrasing, sustained playing,
and technical facility, including varied bow strokes and tempi.
Any 3 octaves Major scale chosen by the applicant, played in quarter notes, slurred 3 or 4 per bow.
Tempo should be quarter note = 80.

Classical Bass
One movement from the standard solo repertoire
One etude selected by the applicant
One three-octave major scale with arpeggio

Woodwinds: All major scales
Solo or Etude
Sight Reading

Voice: Demonstrate the ability to match pitches
Solo or Etude
Classical Art Song preferred

Placement Examinations

Entrance examinations are required for the purpose of placement in music theory and piano
class. Entrance examinations are administered during the first week of class in the fall and at the
beginning of the spring semester.

Audition Registration