All students must audition in the chosen area of concentration: piano, instrument, or voice. As a result of the audition, students without adequate preparation will be assigned applied music for zero credit.

Entrance examinations are required for all students to determine qualifications for placement in music theory and piano class. A music theory placement examination will be used to determine placement in the “Introduction to Music” (MU 100) course or the freshman level “Theory and Musicianship” (MU 111) course. The “Introduction to Music” course does not count toward a major in music.

All music majors must take 4 semesters of keyboard skills class. The piano placement test will be used to place students with minimal piano skills in one section and those with greater skills in a different section.

The music theory examination contains three parts: 1) Terms, 2) Key Signatures and Scales, and 3) Rhythm Notation. Three sample tests for each part are provided below.

1. Terms 2. Key Signatures and Scales 3. Rhythm Notation
Test 1a
Test 1b
Test 1c
Test 2a
Test 2b
Test 2c
Test 3a
Test 3b
Test 3c

We have prepared a set of instructional pages to help students learn the basic music theory skills which are necessary to begin the freshman level sequence of music courses. It is recommended that entering students spend some time studying and practicing these materials before arriving on campus. The pages can be found by clicking the purple button below.

Basic Music Theory Instruction