The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers an endorsement in English for the Master of Science in Secondary Education degree.  The English curriculum at the graduate level seeks to provide individuals with advanced skills and tools in the areas of language, literature, and criticism by 1) enhancing mastery of the English language, 2) developing skills and technique for effective writing, 3) broadening the base of literary knowledge, 4) refining literary skills in analysis, 5) improving research skills, and 6) enhancing teaching skills. Before graduating, candidates will demonstrate knowledge of American and British Literature along with proficiency in writing.

As stated in the Core Comprehensive Examinations section for the School of Education, to successfully complete the Master of Science in Secondary Education degree with an endorsement in English, a candidate must pass the Area Exit Examination administered by the Department of English as well as the Core Comprehensive Examination administered by the School of Education.

Though the program was designed primarily for graduate teaching majors, it can also benefit those in other endorsement areas through its courses in Communication/writing skills, cultural history, and literature-all of which may be taken as electives.