As you enter into your practicum experiences in the field, beginning with course- based observations and culminating with student teaching, we would like to welcome and congratulate you on your decision to become future educators.


Student teaching is a challenging and dynamic process. You and your students will learn together as you become immersed in the daily life and culture of your school and its community. You will encounter the school’s curriculum, a source of information that is continually modified and adapted and revitalized by emerging theory, practice and research. You will work in the “real” world while reflecting on how to move toward the goal of creating your future classroom.

You will recognize that through your experience, your students, their families and your colleagues all have relevant and important knowledge to contribute to the learning process. All participants in the educational process must acknowledge their own uncertainty, their own beliefs, practices, thoughts and feelings, and use these as a source of learning. Finally, we hope you will find the “key” to a successful school. In order for schools to succeed, teachers, students and families must build an educated community rooted in reality and firmly committed to the education of all its children.
We are here to help you with this important step in your professional development. Whenever you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Teaching & Field Experiences.

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Liability Insurance

All teacher candidates entering into practicum courses and their senior year of student teaching must purchase liability insurance, such as those policies offered through the Alcorn State Student National Education Association (SNEA).