Degree Programs Offered within the School of Agriculture and Applied SciencesThe School consists of three academic departments: Agriculture, Human Sciences, Advanced Technologies, and the Center for Biotechnology. (1) Agriculture: Agricultural Economics, Plant and Soil Science, Animal Science, Environmental Science, Agribusiness Management;

(2) Human Sciences: Child Development, Nutrition and Dietetics; and

(3) Advanced Technology: Robotics & Automation, Computer Networking & Information Technology, and Applied Science

Masters of Science Degree

Master’s Degree in Education with teaching endorsements in each of the departments.

In Agriculture, the Master of Science degree is offered with majors in Agricultural Economics, Plant and Soil Science, and Animal Science.

The Center for of Biotechnology offers a Master’s of Science Degree in Biotechnology.

Advanced Technologies offers the Master of Science in Applied Science.

The Master’s of Science in Workforce Leadership Education is offered jointly with Mississippi State University.