Dr. Albert E. Myles is a native of Amite County, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics with a minor in statistics from Alcorn State University in 1978. He receive a Master of Arts in Food and Resource Economics with a minor in Agricultural Marketing from the University of Florida in 1980; and a doctorate in Agricultural Economics with a minor in General Economics from Mississippi State University in 1984.

Dr. Albert Myles served for 32 ½ years as an Extension Professor in Community Resource and Economic Development (CRED) Program Area with the Mississippi State University Extension Services before retiring on November 1, 2013. After retirement, Dr. Myles joined IMPLAN Group in Charlotte, North Carolina as an Economist, Trainer and Customer Support, and Analyst. Dr. Myles also served as Interim Associate Director of the Southern Rural Development Center at Mississippi State University, Graduate Research Assistant in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Mississippi State University, Graduate Assistant in the Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida, Agricultural Statistician with the United States Department of Agriculture in Charleston, West Virginia and a Research Technician at Alcorn State University.

Dr. Myles has received numerous achievements, honors or awards over his outstanding professional career, one of Dr. Myles’ greatest professional achievements came when he was selected by the American Agricultural Economics Association (now known as the Applied Agricultural Economics Association) as one of the top Outstanding Black Agricultural Economists in the U. S. at its professional meeting in Providence, Rhode Island in 2005. Other achievements, honors or awards include Mississippi National Guard Service Award, Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning Outstanding African American Faculty member for Service, Gamma Sigma Delta Extension Award, Distinguished Service State Award, Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Performance in Service and Applied Research, Excellence in Community Development Programming Team Award, and Ralston Purina Scholarship Award.

Dr. Myles has served as president or chair of various professional organizations including the Mississippi Agricultural Economics Association serving as the first and only African-American who has served as the President. Additionally, he has served as President of the Mississippi Association of County Agricultural Agents Policy Committee, Westland Heights Home Owners Association, Ad Hoc Committee on Rank and Promotion, and Regional Committee on Solid Waste Resources, Tri-State, Co-Chair, and member of Hall of Learning 4-H Club, Mississippi Volunteer Leaders Association, Professional Workers Agricultural Workers Conference, Southern Agricultural Economics Association, Academy of Economic and Finance and the Southwestern Economics Association.

Dr. Myles has co-authored with Dr. Ken Stone (Iowa State Economist and advisor to several U. S. Presidents) a landmark study of the economic impact of Wal-mart supercenters in Mississippi that is referenced throughout the word. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Myles has conducted over 100 workshops or in-service trainings on the local, state and national level, written numerous research and technical assistance related documents, served as adjunct instructor, and guest lecturer.

Dr. Myles has been successful in helping to start a number of businesses ranging in Mississippi through assisting to develop and secure grants, conducting needs assessments, developing business development plans, strategic planning and retail trade studies and asset mapping.

Dr. Myles is married to Vera Myles and they have three children: Benita, Steven and Rebecca. They currently reside in Starkville, MS.