Immunization Policy
Alcorn State University

All students entering Alcorn State University for the first time (including transfers), readmitted, or living in University Housing must meet the immunization requirements of the Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) in the state of Mississippi. This policy applies to the admission process for undergraduate and graduate students. Immunization records are required for full, unconditional and conditional admittance into Alcorn State University. A student missing said immunization records will therefore be unable to register for classes until the immunization forms are submitted and the conditions for admission are satisfied.

Per IHL Policies and Bylaws Section 605, to comply with the requirements, students must provide proof of current documentation of the following immunizations:



Proof of immunization of measles, mumps, and rubella is required (two doses of the MMR vaccine) of all students, unless exempt because of (a) actual or suspected pregnancy (measles or rubella vaccines are not required for females who are pregnant; if pregnancy is suspected, a valid certificate of medical exception from a health provider is required until pregnancy is resolved), (b) medical contraindication, or (c) birth prior to 1957. Temporary waivers may be granted for students enrolled in distance learning courses and/or programs where their time on campus is limited to a minimum number of hours as determined by the admitting IHL institution.


Proof of hepatitis B vaccination is required for students who are involved in health education programs that cause them to be potentially exposed to blood or other bodily fluids.


Proof of test screening for tuberculosis by chest x‐ray and interferon gamma release assays (IGRA) performed in the United States prior to the start of classes is required for all international students.

Proof of Immunization may be documented in the following manner:

Acceptable documentation consists of one or more of the following for domestic and international students for the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella and Hepatitis B:

  1. Copy of your immunization records from high school or another postsecondary institution
  2. Copy of immunization record (Form No. 121-C) from an approved medical provider such as local health department, physician, or local walk-in clinic.
  3. Immunization record should indicate the month, day and year during which the vaccinations were administered
  4. Completion of the USI Student Immunization form with doctor’s signature


  5. International students are required to report to a medical facility after arrival in the U.S. to undergo a Chest X-ray and Interferon Gamma Release Assays (blood test).
  6. Copy of results must be reported on official letterhead of the medical facility with doctor’s signature.
  7. Lab results may not be older than six weeks at time of submission.
  8. Students should not report to the University or travel on campus until these screening results have been submitted.
  9. Continuing international students must have evidence of their TB screening beginning spring 2016 and interferon gamma release assays as pre-condition to scheduling or enrolling in classes beginning spring 2017. In either case, under no circumstances shall any international student attend any class(es) or occupy any housing facilities without proof of test screening, in strict compliance with §605.C.
  10. The only acceptable screenings for international students are the chest x-ray and the interferon gamma release assays (blood test). International students accepted for admission must have the appropriate documentation of tests performed in the United States prior to finalizing post-arrival procedures for reporting.
  11. An acceptable test result is “negative”. Laboratory reports must state the findings. Individuals who screen positive will not be allowed to attend classes or be present on the campus until clearance is determined by the Mississippi State Department of Health. Test results hand delivered must be submitted in a sealed envelope from the medical provider.
  12. Students will receive notification of compliance once test results have been submitted.
  13. Students in Health related fields may be required to meet additional immunization screening based on program requirements.

    Immunization records are permanently kept in a secure digital file and accessible to school officials, IHL representatives, and health officials of the Mississippi State Department of Health upon request.

1. Persons born prior to 1957

Policy Review:The Director of Admissions and Director of Graduate Studies are responsible for review of this policy with Health and Disability Services every five years or whenever health record updates are required to include new or revised policies and procedures.Students can scan and email or mail Immunization Record to the following:Preferred Methods

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: 601-877-2340
  • Mail: Department of Health & Disability Services, Rowan Hall Health Services Center, Alcorn State University, 1000 ASU Drive #779, Lorman, MS 39096

Alternative Methods

In Person: Department of Health & Disability Services, Rowan Hall Health Services Center, Alcorn State University, 1000 ASU Drive #779, Lorman, MS 39096

Hours of Operation: Monday – Thursday 8:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM

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