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Student Organizations

The Department of Human Sciences currently has four active clubs/organizations that are open to currently enrolled students. The student organizations within the department offer students more than entertainment but the opportunity to experience leadership, professional development, research and networking. Below, you will find information on the different clubs and organizations that the department offers its students who meet the minimum requirements. The professional organizations include:

Kappa Omicron Nu, Kappa Gamma Alpha Chapter is the national honor society for the Department of Human Sciences on Alcorn State University’s campus. The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is to empower leaders through scholarship, research and leadership. This mission enables the chapter to prepare scholars and researchers for the 21st century. Membership in the society requires a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in all human sciences courses. This average must be maintained throughout the member’s college years. Also, members are expected to participate in a community-service project.

Student Dietetics Club is actively involved in campus life and civically engaged in surrounding communities. The Student Dietetics Club is a resource for individuals and students interested in education and credentialing requirements for careers in dietetics and nutrition. Dietetics is the science and art of applying the principles of food nutrition to health.

Family and Consumer Sciences Club is the oldest club in the department’s history. All students enrolled in the Department of Human Sciences regardless of their designated major and grade point average may join the Family and Consumer Sciences Club. The mission of the club is to bring pre-professionalism from all disciplines within family and consumer services to advance the movement of improving the lives of individuals and families. In previous years, club members served as student ambassadors for the department and helped with student recruitment.

Child Development Club is the youngest club within the Department of Human Sciences. The Child Development Club strives to educate and inform a variety of individuals on the importance of optimal child development throughout the stage of growth. It is their mission to exhibit child advocacy while touching the lives of children in the community and on Alcorn State University campus. Club membership is not limited to Human Sciences majors. Anyone who is interested in young children or whose career plan involves working with young children and their families may join the Child Development Club.

Club/Organization Advisor Meeting Info
Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society Ms. Cinda Catchings Date and time of meeting are announced prior to meetings
Student Dietetic Association Mrs. Edith Ezekwe Date and time of meeting are announced prior to meetings
Child Development Club Dr. Martha Ravola Date and time of meeting are announced prior to meetings
Human Sciences Club Dr. Martha Ravola Date and time of meeting are announced prior to meetings