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Health and Disability Services

The Department of Health &Disability Services is now located in Rowan Hall next to the E.E. Simmons Gymnasium. The telephone number is 601-877-6460. It serves as the primary health care facility on the Main campus offering professional services for ALL Alcorn State University students, faculty and staff. For verification purposes, ALL individuals requesting services must present an Alcorn Gold Card at the front desk.

Hours of Operation

The Department of Health & Disability Services (Rowan Hall Health Services Center) hours of operations are:
Monday - Thursday 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM

After Hours/Emergency Care

In case of medical EMERGENCIES please contact Campus Police at 601-877-3000 or Dial 911. Notify your Residence Hall Director.

**Nurse Link Call Center Monday – Friday 4:00PM – 12Midnight

1-800-882-6274 Weekends & Holidays 4:00AM – 12Midnight

**Nurse Link is a free community service that provides callers with health information, triage symptom-based calls and recommendations by utilizing a physician-approved computerized protocol system and reference materials. All calls are answered and recorded by registered nurses with combined experiences in pediatrics, home health, med-surg and physician offices.

Health Providers’ Services

General health treatment and instructions are provided. Students are encouraged to come by the Rowan Hall Health Services Center. Appointments are not required.

Available staffing: Director, MD, FNP, and RNs.

Referral services are available to the Natchez ASU Family Clinic and local health care providers. Mental health services are also available for students. Please contact the Office of Counseling and Testing at 601-877-6230 for further information.

If needed, an official medical excuse will be given to a student to cover the time under the care of the Department of Health & Disability Services. The excuses should be given directly to the instructor. Students are reminded that they are responsible for any class work missed.

Dental Services are not provided. Students are advised to arrange for such services prior to coming to school or during school breaks.

Disability Accommodations

Disability Services is the designated office at Alcorn State University which evaluates disability documentation, determines eligibility, and implements reasonable accommodations for enrolled students as guided by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilites Act, and University policy.

Student Health Insurance

Alcorn State University does not offer student health insurance. Medical, physician, hospital, or dental bills are the financial responsibility of the student and/or his/her parent(s). However, Alcorn State University does have a Health Services Unit on the Lorman campus that provides quality health care services by a licensed physician and professional staff free of charge. Appointments are not required. When necessary, referral services are available at the Natchez ASU Family Clinic and local health care providers; expenses incurred for services rendered at off campus medical facilities are the responsibility of the student.