Our mission is to provide academic and residential accommodations and student support services, within the resources of the University, which will ensure students with disabilities the opportunity to competitively pursue a college education, limited only by their abilities, not their disabilities.


Alcorn State University is committed to following the legal requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Signed into law in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act is the nation’s first comprehensive civil rights law for people with disabilities.

Disability Services provides the following services

For students with documented disabilities


  • Academic Accommodations

  • Residential Accommodations

  • Referrals to On-Campus and Off-Campus Resources.

Accommodations are provided on an individual basis. These accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Front Row Seating

  • Use of Tape Recorder.

  • Use of Note-taker or Scribe.

  • Alternative Format Textbooks.

  • Access to Lecture Notes.

  • Assistance in Finding Tutors.

  • Special Testing.

  • Quiet Room for Testing.

  • Extended Time (Tests / Quizzes / Assignments).

  • Material presented in accessible format (Enlarge front)

  • Use of Aids During Class / Tests (Calculators or Dictionary).
  • Wheelchair Accesibility.

  • Use of Elevator or 1st Floor (Classrooms / Residential).

  • Climate-Controlled Residential Room.

  • Private Residential Room.

  • Service Animals

  • Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

  • Assistance in Managing Chronic Health Impairments.

  • Other Accomadations as Deemed Necessary..

How to Request Academic & Residential Accommodations

  • Self-identify to the Disability Services Office.

  • Complete application packet and return to Disability Services.

  • Provide current medical documentation supportive of disability; documents may be submitted via fax at 601-877-2340 or electronically at [email protected].

  • Provide copy of class schedule.

  • Contact Disability Services to schedule an appointment; distance learners may schedule a phone meeting if unable to meet in person.

  • Update request for services each academic term.

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We are located in Rowan Hall next door to the E.E.
Simmons Gymnasium, 1000 ASU Drive #779, Alcorn
State, MS 39096.

Welcome to Alcorn, the staff of Disability Services
looks forward to meeting you!


Call (601) 877-6460
Fax (601) 877-2340