The Center for Student Services and Outcomes is a multi-faceted unit that consists of two Title III funded programs: Student Engagement and Substance Abuse Prevention which provide support and services necessary to engage students in meaningful learning experiences within and outside the classroom. These areas are dedicated to assisting the university in strengthening its capacity to enhance student development by addressing topics and issues relative to leadership development, social responsibility (ethics, integrity interpersonal relationships, and civility), diversity, and cultural awareness. Further, the Center endeavors to implementing a comprehensive substance abuse prevention program that provides and disseminates information regarding health and wellness, increases awareness and knowledge regarding the consequences of alcohol and other drug use; and encourages peer-led programs to help modify student perceptions regarding myths about alcohol and other drug use.

Student Engagement Program

Student Engagement assists the Student Affairs Division in its efforts to enhance student’s overall leadership development and college experiences. Students who are engaged in co-curricular activities show sustained behavioral involvement in learning tasks accompanied by a positive emotional tone through ongoing action, including enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, and interests.

Student Engagement promotes and supports student learning by providing students an opportunity to participate in Student Leadership Development via the Student Leadership Round Table series and the People Organized for Student Services Enhancement (POSSE) Resident Hall Colloquiums. Additionally, Student Engagement provide students access to: Student Handbook, Co-curricular programs/activities in conjunction with academic departments, New Student Orientation, University Calendar of Activities, and a Quarterly Student Affairs Newsletter.