Camp Sponsor Responsibilities

I, the undersigned, acting as a representative of ASU Department, campus or registered group of students, staff or faculty member am willing to assume the responsibility of serving as Camp Sponsor for the camp purpose/activity describe below. I understand that, as Camp Sponsor, my department or campus is guaranteeing funds will be paid to cover all costs associated with this camp. A nonrefundable deposit of $200 (payable to Alcorn State University) is enclosed for the purpose of reserving the ASU facility specified on the attached Request for Use of Facility Form. The deposit will be refunded in full if ASU is unable to reserve the facility as requested. I have read the current ASU Summer Camp Policy as posted on the Summer Camp web page and understand that, as Camp Sponsor, I will have the following responsibilities: 1. To serve as liaison with all University agencies supporting the camp; 2. To coordinate arrangements for use of University facilities in accordance with University scheduling regulations; 3. To have put into force, if appropriate, a contract with the client group conducting the camp; 4. To acquaint the Camp Director with University policy, emergency procedures, and facilities layout; 5. To provide an Emergency Locator List for Summer Camps (with a camp schedule to be provided to the ASU Campus Police, and the Vice President of Finance and Administration and the appropriate Housing personnel no later than 3 hours after camp registration ends; 6. To be accessible in emergency situations; and maintain necessary reports and documentation; 7. To assist, as required, with check-out of campers; 8. To check on any damages reported; 9. To coordinate approval of invoices for University services and facilities.

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