Alcorn’s biology professor receives prestigious award from Mississippi Academy of Sciences

Alcorn’s biology professor receives prestigious award from Mississippi Academy of Sciences Dr. Acholonu MAS award

Dr. Butler (L) presents award to Dr. Acholonu (R)

Alcorn State University is proud to announce that Dr. Alex D.W. Acholonu, professor in the Department of Biology at Alcorn, and chair of Zoology and Entomology Division for the Mississippi Academy of Sciences (MAS), was recently honored by the Academy for his outstanding contributions to science. Dr. Kenneth R. Butler, chair of the Awards and Resolutions Committee/MAS director, presented the award to Dr. Acholonu at the Academy’s annual meeting in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, February 22-24, 2012.

“Dr. Acholonu has had a long and distinguished career with multiple contributions to science through research, education, and service,” said Dr. Butler. “Along with his publication record, Dr. Acholonu’s interaction with students and service to local and global communities qualifies him for this prestigious award. He has represented his fellow scientists, Alcorn State University, and the citizens of Mississippi very well.”

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Acholonu shared, “This is the first time in history that a professor from Alcorn is selected for this highly coveted award by MAS. This is one of my highest, most prestigious and cherished awards that I’ve received during my tenure in academia.”

Several of Dr. Acholonu’s graduate students attended the meeting and presented six papers at the session on dealing with water pollution and public health. Dr. Acholonu also brought with him to the meeting the Jobelyn Group from Nigeria headed by its, Mr. Olajuwoh Okubena.

“The main purpose of the Jobelyn Group’s visit to the MAS annual meeting was to share with the Academy’s members about Jobelyn, in Nigeria also known as ‘elixir of life’. It’s a food supplement that is made from sorghum (or guinea corn),” explained Dr. Acholonu. “And is believed to prolong life.”

For more information on Jobelyn, contact Dr. Acholonu at [email protected] or 601. 877-6236.