Alcorn launches Diversity and Inclusion Arts and Lecture Series

Alcorn launches Diversity and Inclusion Arts and Lecture Series

Reflecting Alcorn State University’s commitment to providing dynamic educational programs to enrich the academic climate and foster greater cross-cultural appreciation, the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion has launched the Diversity and Inclusion Arts and Lecture Series. This innovative monthly series will bring nationally recognized creative artists and scholars to the university to inspire and enlighten the Alcorn family. In addition, with Alcorn’s dedication to community engagement, the featured presenters will also speak and perform in the local community as part of their visits.

Bunky Echo-Hawk, a Native American artist and activist whose work has been featured at the Democratic National Convention and with Nike, delivered the first lecture on Tuesday, September 11, to students, faculty and staff who packed the Ballroom in the James L. Bolden Campus Union. After engaging the audience in a conversation around issues related to diversity, the artist proceeded to produce a painting that beautifully captured these ideas. Students in attendance were amazed by his talent and passion for inclusion, and responded with enthusiasm to the artist’s ability to weave in themes and images specifically connected to the university.

“It was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed the inspirational conversation on diversity we had today and the way the artist interpreted our thoughts. It’s a great way to bring diversity to Alcorn,” shared Delron Hawkins of New Orleans, Louisiana, sophomore majoring in business administration. A native of Greenville, Mississippi, Darius Payne, a freshman majoring in mass communication, agreed with him and added, “Coming to Alcorn, it feels good to meet people from different places and of different backgrounds and cultures. It makes me think of us as vegetables in a salad bowl – we all have our unique flavors but together make a beautiful dish.”

Prior to this session, Echo-Hawk demonstrated his talents to an assembly of students at nearby Jefferson County High School. Afterwards, a large group of students remained for autographs and to take pictures of the painting that will hang prominently in the school. David Day, assistant principal, stated, “The event was a wonderful educational experience, and the students were excited about the painting.”

Dr. Derek Greenfield, director of Educational Equity and Inclusion, created the series as another vehicle for promoting diversity and inclusion at Alcorn. “Our office is dedicated to offering the most exciting educational programs possible in the spirit of ensuring the most affirming and empowering campus climate.”

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2012 Bunky Echo Hawk 1 

2012 Bunky Echo Hawk 2

Pictured L to R: Dr. Greenfield, Echo-Hawk and Tony Innouvong, graduate student at Alcorn.