Diversity Dialogue delivers powerful experience on dis-ABILITY issues

Diversity Dialogue delivers powerful experience on dis-ABILITY issues

For the October edition of Diversity Dialogue, the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion focused on dis-ABILITY issues, providing a dynamic context for exploring how individuals and the entire campus can become more respectful and inclusive.

Following experiential activities designed to foster understanding, the group of around 60 students, faculty, staff and administrators engaged in meaningful discussion, often sharing personal testimonies from their own lives or the experiences of family and friends.

Douglas Curry, a graduate assistant for the Office of Educational Equity and Inclusion, helped to facilitate the event. “Diversity Dialogue was exciting, engaging, and rewarding, because so many individuals shared their personal experiences which helped bring people closer together in understanding.”

Samantha Walton, a senior majoring in child development, said she had asthma and even though she learned to control it somewhat, the condition worsens during season change and makes her suffer and feel that she cannot perform at the best of her abilities. “During the Diversity Dialogue I had a chance to share my story and hear from other people with disabilities. The issues raised during this activity made me think in a positive way and gain a new perspective on things.”

“I am glad that I attended this event as I learned a lot about how people with disabilities feel, and how we should respectfully reach out and help without making them feeling patronized,” shared Deontavis McNair, a junior majoring in psychology.

Mr. Alfred Galtney, director of Research and Sponsored Programs, added, “I loved it. It was inspiring and informative, and I am so glad that I attended.”

2012 Divers Dialog Disability

Students and employees engaged in activity during Diversity Dialogue.