“Wrap It Up” and Red Ribbon events promote health and wellness on campus

“Wrap It Up” and Red Ribbon events promote health and wellness on campus

The departments of Health and Disability Services, Student Activities, and Campus Police along with the student organization ASU H.E.R.O.S. sponsored Red Ribbon Week activities and “Wrap It Up” on October 31, on the campus plaza.

“The purpose of these activities was promoting sexual health and keeping Alcorn drug-free,” explained Tyranny Riddle, a senior majoring in elementary education and president of ASU H.E.R.O.S., a student organization that operates under Health and Disability Services, and stands for “Health Educators Reaching Other Students”. She added, “Our organization promotes health and wellness on campus by providing information and sharing resources with our students.”

Dorothy Davis, nurse practitioner, Health and Disability Services and advisor for ASU H.E.R.O.S., added, “During those events we disseminated male and female condoms, brochures, and informed our students that they can get HIV/STD tested for free every day at the Felix H. Dunn Health Services Center. We gave out red ribbon promotional items encouraging our students to pledge to be drug free. We also held an activity where students wore “night time booze goggles” that simulated drunk driving, so students can understand how dangerous it is and never drive under the influence.”

DJ Alice Marie and her crew from WJMI 99.7FM served as masters of ceremony for the event.

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