Alcorn State University is moving: Learning in the Vicksburg Mall

Alcorn State University is moving: Learning in the Vicksburg Mall

Soon visitors to the Vicksburg Mallwill notice major construction as Alcorn State University prepares to expand in Vicksburg, said Andy Weinerof RockStep Capital, developers of the Vicksburg Mall.

“Alcorn moving to the Vicksburg Mall is an enhancement for our property and an excellent venue for the university to provide educational services,” stated Weiner.

Alcorn President M. Christopher Brown II who is known for thinking-outside-the-box and making bold decisions envisions that the Alcorn campus in the Vicksburg Mall will thrive and be more conducive to teaching and learning.

“Innovative ideas are essential to continue to provide learning opportunities for the broader Vicksburg community and surrounding areas,” said President Brown as he described how the Alcorn Ambition includes the Vicksburg Vision as shared during his inaugural address. The move allows Alcorn to offer more personalized instruction and services to help its students achieve academic excellence.

Currently, Alcorn offers mostly education courses in Vicksburg. “This expansion is the beginning phase of our evaluation of services in a critical market area with an eye toward criminal justice and nursing majors,” said President Brown.

Vicksburg Mall General Manager Mike Carlisle commends the Alcorn leadership team on the move and believes the new partnership will be great for the Vicksburg community. Carlisle also specified that stores RockStep has brought to Vicksburg have performed exceptionally well, which is a tribute to Vicksburg and the area market.

“Retailers are taking note of the positive support from the local market,” said Carlisle. “Our new stores are exceling and influencing other retailers to take a look at Vicksburg.”

RockStep Capital, formerly Weiner Development, purchased the mall in October of 2010 and has continually revived the mall. Other development projects include renovating the previous Kroger property in Vicksburg, which now houses PetSense, CitiTrends and TJMaxx.

Senior Vice President for University Operations and COO Betty Roberts is excited about the interstate accessible location and the fact that the move will transform several stores in to an academic learning facility at the mall. “The space will include administrative offices, four spacious hi-tech classrooms, and a computer lab. To know that youth, perspective and non-traditional individuals will now have the chance to interact with Alcorn while visiting the mall to shop, dine or attend social activities is a benefit and builds brand recognition,” explained Roberts.

Alcorn plans to be in its new location by fall 2013 and offers rolling admissions. To enroll in classes today, contact [email protected] or call 601.877.6147.