Alcorn’s vision for environmental sustainability comes true

Alcorn’s vision for environmental sustainability comes true

Alcorn State, Miss. (April 22, 2013) – “Treat the Earth well. It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children,” said Alcorn’s Senior Vice President for University Operations and Chief Operating Officer Betty Roberts, citing an ancient Indian proverb at the launch of Alcorn State University’s Sustainability Program on April 22, 2013. “Alcorn’s vision for sustainability is to lead this region by example. Sustainability should become your passion, so together we can do all we can to support and sustain the earth’s natural resources.”

Representatives of Alcorn’s sustainability partners were on campus during the event to educate the public on their sustainability efforts and inform participants what they can do to contribute to a more eco-friendly society. Deuce McAllister of Waste Pro USA was the guest speaker. “I would like to thank Alcorn for leading on the forefront of the environmental sustainability, and bringing together a group of partners that is committed to keeping the campus beautiful.”

The program continued with Vice President for Media Relations Clara Ross Stamps unveiling the University’s Sustainability logo “Brave People, Go Green” that will be displayed on recycling bins located around campus, and presenting an award of excellence to the logo’s creator Chris Davis, Division of Media Relations.

Alcorn President M. Christopher Brown II led the groundbreaking of the University’s new arboretum, and together with Dr. Roberts and representatives of Waster Pro USA, Coca-Cola, Sodexo and Green Alliance, planted the first tree. “Our arboretum will become the second university arboretum in Mississippi,” said Dr. Brown. “It will celebrate Mississippi’s native plant life and in many years from now, when you say ‘beneath the shade of giant trees’ you will remember that this arboretum started here on this corner at Alcorn State University.”

Mathew Dickinson, a sophomore majoring in biology/health science shared, “I am proud of my university for taking a lead in this important matter.” Jermonica Hedrick, acquisition assistant in the library agreed with him and added, “Faculty and staff are fully supportive of the sustainability program. We will encourage students to do what we can to help keep the environment clean and our campus beautiful.”

As a part of the sustainability program, the University began today its campus-wide recycling initiative. Clearly marked recycling bins will be placed across the campus for the students, employees and guests to discard paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin cans, plastic containers and other recyclable materials. The goal is to eventually include all scrap metals, yard waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps and computer monitors, and expand recycling to the faculty and staff residences. In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and save on gas, the University will use more energy efficient vehicles on campus, will be more efficient in bus use and implement a bicycle program. Other benefits of the program will include the plans to stop using styrofoam containers, encourage cleaning suppliers to provide more eco-friendly products, serve more locally grown fruit and vegetables on campus, use recyclable carpet materials and more.

The program continued with the “Trash Fashion Show” in which student organizations modeled outfits they created from recyclable materials. The winning organization was ASU H.E.R.O.S., and student model winner was Brittany Berry.

The Earth Day cook out was sponsored by Sodexo. “Shred-It” trucks collected paper items today and will remain on campus throughout Wednesday as the Earth Day Celebration continues on April 23 and 24. Click here for the list of events.