Department of Advanced Technologies holds Tech Summer Camps for youth

113 a Advanced Tech Camp

Alcorn State, Miss. (august 7, 2013) – For the second summer in a row, Alcorn State University’s Department of Advanced Technologies hosted its Technology Camps for students attending 1st through 12th grades. The four camps focused on the areas of robotics and automation technology, health physics, geographic information system, and computer science providing various activities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to some 20 students.

“The Department is elated to have been able to provide educational activities to middle school and high school students, and in the future we anticipate serving an even broader group of youth providing activities in STEM areas and research training for kindergarten to graduate level students,” said Department Chairman Kwabena Agyepong.

Faculty member Jermiah Billa added, “The departmental faculty and staff have been actively involved in conducting technology camps. Students who attended these camps gained hands-on training activities within various concentrations of the Department.”

Dr. Steve Adzanu, coordinator of the camps said, “It is really our pleasure to see great enthusiasm in these kids toward STEM areas. Exposing them to practical aspects of various science and technology-related activities would definitely attract them into STEM areas. Based on the availability of time and funds, in the coming years we would like to be able to extend these camps to our Vicksburg and/or Natchez campuses.”

On behalf of the Department, Dr. Agyepong extended gratitude to “those who rendered valuable services to the camps including Dr. Steve Adzanu, Jermiah Billa, Denise Moore, Randy Derby and Michael Atkins. The Department also acknowledges our work-study students Zsailicia Jones, a junior majoring in applied science with a concentration in computer science and technology, Ashley White, graduate student in applied science and technology, Alfred Banks, a junior in robotics and automation technology, Alvin Jackson, graduate student in applied science and technology, Desmond Williams, a junior in applied science with a concentration in electro-mechanical engineering technology, and Jadtrl Heard, a senior in health physics, for their active role in helping with various camp activities.”


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Pictured: Senior Jadtrl Heard demonstrating properties of alpha, beta and gamma radiation to high school and middle school participants.