Dr. Acholonu publishes in Advances in Science and Technology Journal

Dr. Acholonu publishes in Advances in Science and Technology Journal

Dr. Alex D. W. Acholonu, professor of biology at Alcorn State University, published an article “Comparative Study on the Water Quality of China and Mississippi, USA” with his student Michael Harris in the latest issue of an international magazine Advances in Science and Technology Journal.

Dr. Acholonu initiated his research in China in 2005, when he served as a visiting scholar at Huaiyin Teachers College under the auspices of the National Association of African-American Studies. He collected water samples from hotel taps and two rivers in Chuzhou and Suzhou, and ran a water quality test upon his return to the U.S. The authors also tested water samples collected from the Mississippi River and taps at Alcorn. The objectives were to see if the samples were polluted, compare them, and to see if they met the water quality standard of the State of Mississippi or Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Dr. Acholonu said, “Based on the results obtained from this study, water sample, river or tap were not determined to be the best or the worst in terms of pollution or contamination. Rather some individual test results differed and some (both China and Mississippi samples) exceeded the Mississippi water quality standard.”

Dr. Acholonu and his students are continuing their water pollution studies in the fresh water bodies of the state of Mississippi.

Dr. Acholonu recently returned from Nigeria where he made a public health broadcast on radio and television speaking about worm infections with special reference to one of the most rampant parasites of humans, Acaris numbricoides, the large intestinal round worm. It affects children more than adults and causes digestive and nutritional disturbances, abdominal pain, vomiting, restlessness, and disturbed sleep. Heavy infection may cause bowel obstructions and death. Dr. Acholonu said this parasite is a public health problem in Nigeria and in many other tropical countries.

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