Dr. Wallace attends President Jimmy Carter’s lecture

Dr. Wallace attends President Jimmy Carter’s lecture

Dr. Jennifer Young Wallace, assistant professor of education, recently attended a lecture by President Jimmy Carter entitled “The Camp David Accord: Looking Back to Discover Future Prospects for Mideast Peace” held recently in the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum Institute for Educators.

Wallace, along with 19 other participants from numerous schools across the United States, had the opportunity to hear President Carter discuss his experience at Camp David with Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and their effort to establish peace between Egypt and Israel. During the lecture, President Carter accepted five questions from the group, including Dr. Wallace’s question about a personal lesson he learned from the Camp David accords that impacted the rest of his decision making as president.

“I was humbled by the experience and thankful for such an opportunity to meet one of America’s most popular presidents,” stated Wallace.

During this week-long institute, educators engaged in a manifold of activities that provided them with knowledge and experience that they can incorporate in their lessons in the classroom. During the tour of the Carter Museum, First Lady Rosalyn Carter engrossed the minds of the participants with her eloquent conversation about service to others. Participants had the opportunity to conduct research in the Carter Library and received a library card. They got involved in the innovative projects, grand conversations, field trips, and activities that allowed them to collaborate and share.

“Mrs. Carter’s love for serving others is apparent,” said Wallace. “I was truly inspired by the whole experience and the sharing of ideas among the other participants.”

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Pictured: the participants with President Carter (center). Dr. Wallace (in pink suite) is pictured next to President Carter.