Farmers attend annual muscadine propagation workshop at Alcorn

Farmers attend annual muscadine propagation workshop at Alcorn

The Alcorn State University Center for Conservation Research recently conducted a practical training workshop on clonal propagation of muscadines on the Lorman campus vineyard for farmers. The workshop was held in collaboration with the Alcorn State University Extension Program (ASUEP).

More than 20 farmers from several counties attended this useful training and learned valuable propagation methods. The workshop was presented by Dr. Girish Panicker, Center director, and his staff.

“The farmers mastered a useful technique that allows production of large-sized, well-rooted plants in a short time.” Dr. Panicker said. “This practical training will help farmers establish muscadine vineyards, both organic and inorganic, and start nursery businesses by effectively utilizing the limited number of mother plants.” He added, “This technique is applied to produce healthy plants identical in genotype with the mother plant. This method is valuable for producing a relatively small number of plants of good size with minimum propagation facilities, particularly when outdoor stock plant space is not a limiting factor.”

According to Panicker, many horticultural crops can be propagated easily, conveniently and economically by clonal propagation methods. The primary economic benefit for most species is the high value placed on vegetatively propagated cultivars.

The next muscadine propagation workshop will be held on June 12, 2014. Persons interested in attending the workshop are asked to pre-register. Registration and materials for propagation are free, as well as all of the well-rooted plants.

To pre-register, contact Dr. Panicker at [email protected] or call 601.877.6598 or 601.877.3370. 

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Pictured: Dr. Panicker demonstrates a clonal propagation technique to farmers.