If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try and why?

Andriae Payton Holt.jpg

Andriae Payton Holt, class of 1989

If I could try out any job for a day it would be in the field of philanthropy. I would love to manage an organization that has the resources to donate large sums of money to support the end of hunger and disparities in healthcare and education in the United States. I believe if these basic needs are met it would level the playing field for many Americans. The idea of having one day to determine who the resources would benefit and allocating those resources to help in these areas of need would be so fulfilling.

Jennifer Wallace.jpg

Jennifer Young Wallace, Class of 1991

I would want to be a congresswoman because it would allow me an opportunity to be a voice for all of the people in Mississippi. I would network to bring jobs to the Delta that will allow my fellow citizens an opportunity to live a life that meets their daily needs. I would support a movement to educate people and change their minds from a mind of poverty to a mind of financial discipline, education and commitment to their community.

Gregory Jackson Jr.jpg

Gregory Jackson Jr, Class of 2003

I would try working as a plant (nuclear/manufacturing) designer. I'm a graduate of the Department of Advanced Technologies and in my freshman year I had taken the industrial plant design class. It truly peak my interest and I loved every minute of that class. The instructor was great and effective.

Avernelle Holder.jpg

Avernelle Holder, Class of 2008

If I had the opportunity to try any job for one day, I would be an electronic dance music (EDM)/deep house music producer. Music has the power to unleash so many varying emotions from sadness to joy, etc. Having the opportunity to evoke these deep emotions in listeners is truly marvelous. If I were able to simply make someone's day better through music, I think that all the hard work to create my masterpiece would be worth it.

Latrice Garner.jpg

Latrice Garner, Class of 2011

If I could try out any job for a day, I would be a cosmetologist. I am fascinated with hair and cosmetics. I love it! I would love to boost the confidence of the clients by helping with their transformation.