The Alcorn State University Braves are off to a great start this football season. How would you encourage them to continue their success on the field?

Delbra Jones.jpg

Delbra Jones, Class of 2010
I would tell them to keep doing what they are doing. Pray that He will continue to guide them and watch each other’s' back.

Derrick Jones.jpg

Derrick Jones, Class of 2010
I would tell them to stay humble. Sometimes when a team is on a hot streak, they become arrogant and think they can’t be beaten. But that’s not true. So, I would encourage the Braves to continue to practice hard and study their opponent so that they can continue to dominate.

Justus Reedi.jpg

Justus Reed, Class of 2010
I would encourage the Braves to keep going strong. I would also tell them to continue to take every opponent seriously, no matter what their record is.

Christopher Davis.jpg

Christopher M. Davis, Class of 2011
I would encourage each member of our Braves football team to continue to be leaders by displaying good sportsmanship before, during, and after each game. Preparation begins with your mindset. Keep the right mindset and you will always be winners!

Elena Kostyleva.jpg

Elena Kostyleva, Class of 2004
I think the best way to encourage our football team is to attend their games, both home and away, wear purple and gold and cheer for them! Also, don’t forget to encourage your fellow alumni to attend the games and invite your family and friends to come with you. Give generously to Alcorn Athletics and support student scholarships.