It’s almost time for Braves football! What game(s) are you most looking forward to this season?

Keldrich Claiborne.jpg

Kedrich Claiborne, Class of 2000

I am excited about all the games. I believe Alcorn will win each competition this season, but I am looking forward to the games against the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and Jackson State University. USM is going to be exciting because Alcorn is considered the underdog, but USM is rebuilding its program after a couple seasons of decline. Jackson State, the 2013 SWAC East "Best", is going to be a battle due to the Alcorn State University shattering their 2013 dreams of having a perfect SWAC season. The ASU vs. JSU game is always an anticipated game; I have not missed this game for the past 20 years. If Alcorn does not beat any other school during the season, I have the feeling of Alcorn winning the SWAC Championship when they beat JSU.

Beverly Adams.jpg

Beverly Adams, Class of 2005

I am looking forward to the Braves game with Southern. I became a Southernite first, and years later became an Alcornite. Now, Alcorn is where my “bread and butter” is, and Southern is where I obtained my first degree and had lots of youthful activities! My family is split when it comes to that game; therefore, it is always family fun and friendly rivalry going on!

Shalonda Williams.jpg

Shalonda Williams, Class of 2009

I always look forward to the Alcorn and Jackson State game because the game is traditional and I think everyone look forward to it. Every school wants to beat their rival.

Tanesha Hinton.jpg

Tanisha Hinton, Class of 2010, 2013

I’m definitely looking forward to the games against Jackson State and Alabama A & M so that I can see my family and close friends. It will give me a chance to come back to my alma mater.

Sharonda Wilson.jpg

Sheronda Wilson, Class of 2011

The only game I’m ready for is Homecoming. I live far away from Alcorn and that’s the day my sorors (Delta) and I always plan together.