Where do you find inspiration?


LaMar Brown, Class of 2004

I find inspiration in my faith, the Holy Bible, prayer and the people that my god has placed in my life.

Traci White.jpg

Tracie White, Class of 2004

I find inspiration in life. Every person has a story of overcoming difficulties in their lives. I once heard that obstacles don't have to stop you and that you either move them, climb over them, or go around them. After a life altering accident in 2007, my eyes were opened to some truly inspirational people living ordinary lives. They live each day to the best of their abilities and overcome the obstacles minute by minute.

Jizette Hunt 1.jpg

Jizette Hunt, Class of 2009

I try to be more like my god each day. He is the reason why I wake up every morning with good health, which allows me to be able to do work and everyday tasks. Praying relieves stress and inspires me.


Lorenzo Thomas, Class of 2009

When I look at the next generation of black males, it makes me want to be a positive role model for them. Many of them are idolizing the wrong things.

Kourtney B.jpg

Kourtney Brown-Wells, Class of 2010

I find inspiration in the infinite possibilities that lay before me. The opportunities for success are everywhere, you just have to look for the leads and follow them. I know it sounds cliché, but the possibilities are enough inspiration for me.